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Free Airplane Plans

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Unlike the helicopter these VTOL are silent
and they also attain speeds matching conventional


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VTOL Plans
The cycloidal machine promises valuable military possibilities. Most of the noise of present airplanes comes from rhythmic impulses imparted by propellers to the air. The frequency of the sound made by the cycloidal propeller is too low to be heard. The cycloidal machine may hover over an enemy, silent as the night, while observers take note of movements on the ground. Its mission accomplished, it can speed away to safety faster than any airplanes

This website also has some 2500 model airplane plans, check out
Airfoil Archive. Includes most every airfoil (wing shape) made. Approx 2000 airfoils. These airfoils are in data coordinates and not image files. They are accurately printed at any scale. Note: You must also download the software to display or print/plot these. (use Wing

Downloads: 9080 ·

A great little program to display, print/plot the airfoils. (without airfoils, download the airfoils seperately)

Downloads: 3355 ·

Wind-Tunnel Plans
Plans to construct your own professional wind tunnel. Designed by NASA, very nicely done. Low cost project (can be built for less then $250.00) This is one project you will never get bored with!

Airplane Plans
Free Airplane And Helicopter Plans
Most of the airplane, helicopter and ultralight plans sold online have been downloaded from this site:
 The site has both English and Spanish pages. It also has FAA manuals, legal forms, manuals, etc...
Learn To Fly Your Plane Before It Is Finished.

Flight Simulator Cri-Cri

More Ultralight Flight Simulator Downloads

This site is in Spanish but there's an English version which has most of the content of the home site.
You'll also find Cri-Cri plans,  helicopter, sailplane, glider, hang-glider, autogyro, Model airplane plans (747 in all), wing fabrication files, shroud, electronics, registration, games, conversion 1/2 VW engine... In fact most if not all the airplane and ultralight plans sold on eBay were taken down from this website.

More Plans
Basic Ultraligh Glider (BUG)
The Goat4 and Bug4, are home built, basic ultralight gliders. Technically these aircraft are ultralight sailplanes, but they are best described as "airchairs", which are simple, slow flying gliders with the pilot sitting out in the open air rather than inside a fuselage.

Monoplaza Autogyro (in Spanish) Unfortunately he no longer puts up plans on his site. Try
Free Jetpack Plans
Jetpack - These are plans to make a homemade ducted fan jetpack similar to the one on

More Information
YAHOO Groups are a great way to find details on building airplanes, helicopters and ultralights. You'll need a yahoo account which is free and only takes a few seconds to get it.

The Best Yahoo Group Satyraircraft

Other Plans


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