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As the demand for power on batteries increases, science has once again turned to free piston technology to deliver long-lasting, reliable energy.

Thermal enines promise the most energy density, see graph on left.

The Free Piston Nano Engine Advantages Over Other Engines
  1. Direct energy conversion.
  2. Robust design. Only one moveable part (piston).
  3. Lower friction. No angular charge.
  4. Variable compression ratio. It is able to run many different types of fuel.

The proposed engines have simplified structure. See the diagram left and pictures below.
Their first use will be in the field of robotics, AI (artificial Intelligence), micromachines. Ultimately the military will want their radios to work 24/7 for a week on a single tankful. Eventually this will trickle down to civilian use.

No one will waste their time charging their mobile computing devices. Palmtops and laptops will be truly wireless.

Car makers have also experimented with full size generators. Research into this technology is led by Stetzer Motors of Germany.

Far Left shows a free piston engine relative to a coin. The picture on the left shows the cutaway of the proposed engine.

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